MID Certified Tariff Meters

  • Direct Input 80A or on CT
  • 2 Pulse Outputs
  • Optical Coupling for M-BUS or MODBUS or LAN-GATEWAY
  • MID certified static active and reactive 4 quadrants bidirectional energy meters suitable for single-phase or 3-phase 3-4 wires unbalanced load systems.
  • The large size display permits an easy reading of the energy counting (2 tariff) and of the instantaneous power values. Moreover the display shows the configurable partial counters (start/stop/reset) and the correct phase sequence.
  • The communication Optical Coupling permits to get the instantaneous values of further 30 parameters thanks to the easy and quick wireless connection with the additional communication modules. The modules permit the transmission the measured values by means of the most used protocols (ModBus RTU, M-Bus, LAN Gateway).
  • The energy meters are fitted with the Metrologic LED and with two S0 pulse outputs for the remote energy transmission.