Power Conversion

  • Circuit innovations to reduce ‘output ripple’ to levels previously available only from bulky and inefficient linear power supplies
  • Reliability features including an input fuse, thermal shutdown, current limiting and output short circuit protection with automatic recovery
  • An output over-voltage crowbar circuit to protect any powered devices from excessive voltage should the unit fail
  • Single-board PWS Series for ultra-quiet, and the latest generation of current mode PWM control; also features a four-contact output terminal (two positive, two negative) for easy connection of devices
  • Extra features including adjustable output voltage, over-temperature, overload and output on.

Our Power Supplies provide 12, 24 or 48 volts DC at power levels from 300 to 1250 watts from a 110 or 220 VAC source. Custom output voltages are available in all series to meet your needs.


Originally designed for running navigation computers on commercial and fishing vessels, the line has evolved into a range of models with power outputs from 300 to 3600 watts featuring Digital Signal Processor control.


Voltage Converters from Analytic Systems: DC conversion with DC DC voltage converters, dual voltage converters.


Power Supplies from Analytic Systems: Power converters, AC to DC power supply, and more.


Battery Chargers from Analytic Systems: Marine chargers, deep cycle chargers, and DC to DC chargers.


Analytic Systems’ Single and 3-Phase Sine-Wave Converters deliver output power ranging from 250 VA to 5000 VA. Our Frequency Converters also generate nominal output voltages of 115 VAC or 220 VAC, at frequencies of 50, 60 or 400 Hz. A broad range of input voltages are available.


Some of our users require power conversion products that do not require the ruggedness that is built into each Analytic Systems product.


Whether you produce electricity from Wind Turbines, Solar Panels or Small Scale Hydro Electric systems, the power needs to be stored in battery banks without wasting a watt.


Analytic Systems carries a wide range of accessories. We will be adding new accessories to the site as they are released. If you are in search of a specific product product or accessory, please feel free to contact us.