C6500 FlexGen User Interface

  • User interface unit for any FlexGen controller
  • Large back-lit display
  • Separate LEDs provide clear indication
  • Valuable alarm log included
  • Easy onsite configuration
  • Mounting in the switch panel door
  • Connecting through the RS232 serial link

The user interface unit FlexGen UI can be connected to any FlexGen controller through the RS232 serial link.

The user interface is designed for mounting in the switch panel door. It furnishes a large back-lit display showing all electrical measurements and control parameters.

Separate LEDs provide clear indication of the generator mode and condition. In addition to showing actual alarms when they appear, the unit includes a valuable alarm log, showing previous alarms with information about the time and date when they occurred. This feature is providing a powerful tool in maintenance and service of the installation. Furthermore control keys are included enabling onsite configuration.