S6100 SIGMA Control Module

  • 3 Phase Measurement
  • Busbar Monitoring
  • Auto or Manual Operation
  • Voltage Matching
  • Frequency Stabilization
  • Auto Synchronization
  • Active Load sharing
  • Voltage Stabilization
  • Reactive Load sharing
  • Conventional Governor/AVR
  • Electronic Governor/AVR
  • Paralleling with grid/shaft generator
  • RS485 MODBUS Slave
  • CAN Bus
  • Redundant Power Supply

SIGMA is an integrated generator protection and control system. The system is of high quality, is cost effective and easy to use.

The SELCO S6100 SIGMA S/LS Module provides busbar monitoring, frequency stabilization, voltage stabilization, voltage matching, automatic synchronization and active/reactive load sharing. The S6100 has dedicated interfaces for both conventional and electronic governors and automatic voltage regulators (AVRs). Manual control is also possible though external push buttons.