S6610 SIGMA Power Management

  • Full featured Power Manager
  • Load depending start and stop
  • 5 large consumer requests
  • 5 non essential load trips
  • Black out clearance
  • 2 Analogue outputs
  • Automatic mode/ manoeuvre mode/manual mode
  • Supports up to 16 generators
  • Includes all functions of S6500 User Interface Module
  • Redundant power supply

SIGMA is an integrated generator protection and control system. The system is of high quality, is cost effective and easy to use.

The S6610 PM Module provides power management functionality to the SIGMA system. In co-operation with the S6000 Input/ Output and Protection Module and S6100 Synchronizing/Load sharing Module S6610 offers load depending start and stop, large consumer request and black out clearance functionality.

It is also possible to program all SIGMA modules from S6610. Programming is PIN code protected.