IPS300W AC Inverters


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Power sensitive electronics without interference
  • Rugged and reliable to ensure years of safe and trouble free operation

The IPS300W series inverters are IP66 rated waterproof pure sine wave inverters designed for rugged operating conditions where water and dust protection are required. Their waterproof construction also makes
them ideal for locations where C1D2 certification is required. *Note – these units are not C1D2 certified, but are suited for applications that would obtain C1D2 certification. We have many customers that put our products inside C1D2 enclosures.

Crystal controlled for precise frequencies of either 50 or 60 Hz, the powerful high frequency MosFet switching network produces a low voltage AC waveform that is stepped up to either 110 or 220 VAC by a Toroidal or Iron Core transformer. This technique produces a very clean AC waveform and reduces EMI to lower levels than achievable with other methods.

The billet CNC machined enclosure features cooling fins designed in cooperation with Simon Fraser University for optimal heat dissipation.


  • Pure Sine Wave 120 or 220 VAC pure sine wave at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Fully sealed to IP66
  • Illuminated Output On indicator
  • Ultra-quiet low EMI design
  • Crystal controlled for precise frequency (± 0.01 Hz)
  • State-of-the-art MosFet technology for reliable operation
  • Short Circuit Protection with automatic recovery
  • Current Limiting
  • Overload Protected
  • Over-temperature protection with automatic recovery
  • Low voltage shutdown circuitry to protect the batteries
  • AC output cable for easy connection
  • Isolated input for positive or negative ground operation


  • Marine and other rugged environments
  • Telecommunications Power
  • Mobile Offices (TV and Radio Vans)
  • Electric Utilities and Substations
  • Base Station Power (Radio)
  • OEM Applications
  • Field Work / Construction Sites
  • Solar / Alternative Power Systems
  • Emergency Power Backup (UPS)
  • Forklifts
Electrical [Input]
Nominal (ip) 12 24 32
Actual (Vdc) 10.5-16 20-30 30-40
Input Amps (Max) 48 24 17
Input Fuse (MDA) 50A 25A 20A
Electrical [Output]
Output Nominal (op) 110 220
Output Volts (AC) 115 ± 5 rms 225 ± 5 rms
Output Amps (Continuous/Peak) 2.5 / 3.3 1.4 / 1.8
Output Frequency
Crystal Controlled)
60 ± 0.01 Hz 50 ± 0.01Hz
Output Type Pure Sine Wave
Output Distortion < 5% at 300 Watts into 0.8 power factor load
(Line & Load)
< +/- 0.5%
Duty Cycle Peak 20% for 10 min max
Continuous 100% for 24 hours per day
Efficiency >80% @ Maximum Output
Ground Fault Current Max 6 mA between Neutral and Ground
Environmental Specification
Operating Temp. Range -25C° to +40°C @ maximum output
Derate Linearly 2.5% per°C from 40°C to 85°C
(Optional -40°C to +55°C extra wide temp. operation avail.)
Humidity 0 - 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
Audible Noise Ø dB
Typical Service Life >10 years (87,600 hours)
Isolation Output-Case & Input-Output 1500VDC
Input-Case 500VDC
Mechanical Specification
Length 11.5 in/ 29.2 cm
Width 8.7in/ 22.1 cm
Height 4.75 in/ 12.1 cm
Clearance 1 inch (2.5 cm) all around
Material Marine Grade Aluminium
Finish Black Anodize / Powder Epoxy Coat
Fastenings All 18-8 Stainless Steel
Weight 13.0 lb / 5.9 kg
Connections Input - 2 x AWG8 x 1 meter, Output - 1 meter AWG16 AC Cord w. receptacle
Safety Designed to meet CSA & UL458
Warranty Three years parts and labor