Solar Charge Controllers

SolarMax MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Whether you produce electricity from Wind Turbines, Solar Panels or Small Scale Hydro Electric systems, the power needs to be stored in battery banks without wasting a watt.

Analytic Systems’ patented MPPT Charge Controllers handle open circuit input voltages to 200 Volts and pump out up to 100 amps into battery banks up to 48 VDC. A full line of high efficiency DC-AC Inverters and DC-DC Voltage Converters up to 3000 watts output allow the stored energy to be used for any desired purpose. Aluminum enclosures, stainless fasteners, conformal coated circuit boards and conservative components ensure long life and reliability.

AC Battery Chargers (M) IBC320MW Series

The IBC320MW Intelligent Battery Charger provides up to 300 watts to charge a 28 volt battery system.

Inverters (M)

The inverters are IP66 rated waterproof pure sine wave inverters designed for rugged operating conditions where water and dust protection are required.