Voltage Converters Range

Voltage Converters from Analytic Systems: DC conversion with DC DC voltage converters, dual voltage converters

Analytic Systems’ modern DC/DC Voltage Converters use efficient filtering, allowing for ultra-quiet operation. In addition, our converters are:

  • Made from marine-grade aluminium extrusions or heavy-gauge aluminium sheet metal
  • Powder-coated or anodized, and use stainless fittings throughout
  • Fitted with robust circuit boards using expensive heavy-gauge copper conductors, designed by Analytic Systems’ engineers and assembled in our plant

Models are available to step-up, step-down, stabilize or isolate DC power over a range of 12 to 360 volts. No matter which unit you need, these easy-to-install Voltage Converters will give you many years of reliability.

Heavy Duty DC-DC Converters (Common Negative)

Step up a 12 VDC battery to between 13.5 and 17.0 or 24.0 and 27.5 VDC in 0.5 VDC increments (via 3 position DIP switch), or stabilize a 12 or 24 VDC power system.

Heavy Duty DC-DC Converters (Fully Isolated)

The Series of Isolated Voltage Converters are variable duty cycle switching power supplies with precision linear regulator outputs.

Heavy Duty DC/DC Converters (19" Rackmount Chassis)

The Rackmount Voltage Converter supplies 12V, 24V or 48 VDC from a 110V or 250 VDC power source. Other input or output voltages from 65 to 360 volts are also available by special order.

Medium Duty DC/DC Voltage Converters

The VTC140 and VTC240 Voltage Converters are variable duty cycle switching power supplies incorporating state of the art switchmode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quiet operation.