Active Power

DIN rail mounting transducers available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN  rail cases.

Used to convert various inputs into standard DC signals for driving panel meters and for use in control devices.

M100-WA1 Single Phase
M100-WA2 3 phase 3 wire balanced load
M100-WA3 3 phase 4 wire balanced load
M100-WA4 3 phase 3 wire unbalanced
M100-WA5  3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load
M100-WA6 3 phase 3 wire balanced load externally connected
reverse CT'S

The M100-WA series measures active power in single, 3 phase 3 or 4 wire balanced and unbalanced systems. Using the time division multiplier circuit means that they can be used over a wide range of input waveforms. The D.C. Output signal is directly proportional to the instantaneous power being measured. Typical applications include the measurement of power in  switchboards, power stations, generating sets.

Rated value In 1 or 5 amp C.T. connected 0.5-10A direct
Rated value Un 57.8 < 600 volt
Power Consumption <1VA voltage <0.2VA current
Working Range 0-125% Un auxiliary powered 75%-125%
self powered 0-150% In
Rated Frequency 50/60/400Hz
Frequency Influence 0.005% Hz
Overload Continuous 4 x In 1.5 x Un
Overload for 1 sec 50 x In 2 x Un
Rated value mA 0-1/5/10/20 & 4-20mA
Rated value volts 0-5/10 & 1-5V
Zero ±2%
Span ±10%
A.C. Voltage 115/230/400V(±25%/45-65Hz/<2VA)
D.C. Voltage 24/48/110V(±20%/galvanically isolated/<3W)
M100-WA1,2,3,6,7 Approx 0.6kg. 100mm case
M100-WA4,5 Approx 0.8kg. 100mm case
Product Code Input In Un O/P Range Aux Freq Opt
M100-WA5 5A 230V 0-20mA 600kW 230V 50Hz


1 Non standard Inputs/Outputs as far as technically viable
2 A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
3 Calibration at nominal Hz 35....450Hz
4 Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC