DC Current or Voltage 4KV or 1.5KV Isolation Transducer

These isolators isolate the DC Input signal from the DC Output signal, which is directly proportional to the input signal. There are two levels of isolation offered, the M100-DA1/DV1/DV2 have 4kV isolation and the M100-DA11/DV11/DV21 have 1.5kV isolation. A wide range of both D.C. Current and voltage inputs are offered. Typically these isolators can be used to prevent earth loops which occur when a measuring source that is earthed, is connected to a computer or data logger that is also earthed. Another common use is to provide isolation on the inputs to a PLC. All of these isolators have either A.C. or D.C. auxiliaries which means that they have an advantage over loop powered units, in that if for any reason the output lead should become disconnected, the input will not be saturated.

M100-DA1 DC Current input 4kV isolation
M100-DV1 DC Voltage 20mV...11.9V input 4kV isolation
M100-DV2 DC Voltage 12V...600V input 4kV isolation
M100-DA11 DC Current input 1.5kV isolation
M100-DV11 DC Voltage 20mV..11.9V input 1.5kV isolation
M100-DV21  DC Voltage 12V..600V input 1.5kV isolation
Rated value In ±1mA...10A M100-DA1/DA11
Voltage drop 20mV
Rated value Un ±20mV...11.9V M100-DV1/DV11
Impedance 10 kOhm/volt
Working Range ±125% In
Overload continuous 4 x In M100-DA1 (upto 20A max)
Overload continuous 1.5 x Un M100-DV1/DV2
Rated value mA 0-1/5/10/20 & 4-20mA
Load Resistance 12/2.4/1.2/0.6 kOhm
Rated value volts 0-5/10 & 1-5V
Zero ±2%
Span ±10%
A.C.Voltage 115/230/400V(±25%/45-65
D.C. Voltage 24/48/110V(±20% /
galvanically isolated / <3W)
WEIGHT&CASE SIZE Approx 0.4kg. 55 case
M100-DA1/DV1/DV2 4kV as shown in general
specification pages.
M100-DA11/DV11/DV21 Test voltage 1.5kV RMS 50Hz
1 min between input/case/output,
rest of spec as shown in general
specification page.
Product Code Input In Output Aux  Freq Options
M100-DA11 1mA 4-20mA 230v 50Hz



1 Non standard Inputs/Outputs as far as technically viable
2 A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
3 Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC