Special AC Current Transducers

DIN rail mounting transducers available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN rail cases.

Used to conver various inputs into standard DC signals for driving panel meters and for use in control devices.

M100-AX1 1ph. aux. powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated
M100-AX3 3ph. aux powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated
M100-AAS 3ph. summation self powered.
M100-ALS 3ph. summation auxiliary powered

The M100-AX1 and AX3 are essentially the same as the M100-AA1 and AA3, but they have auxiliaries which allows the working range to be between 0-125% rather than 10-125%. Used where the average sensing of current is required from 0-125% of the nominal current. The M100-AAS and M100-ALS are A.C current summation transducers. Both can have up to 3 inputs of either 1,5 or 10 amp.

These inputs are summed by the transducer and one D.C. output is provided, which is proportional to the sum of the inputs. The M100-AAS is self powered with a range of 10-125%, the M100-ALS is auxiliary powered and provides a 4-20mA output with a working range of 0-125%. Typical application is to measure the total current in a 3 phase system and display it via one meter.

For example, if a 3 phase system has 3 current transformers 2500/5 then a moving coil meter could be connected to a M100-AAS scaled 0-7500. Note the C.T's must all have the same ratio or the output from the transducer will not be the sum of the total current in the system.

Rated Value In: 1 or 5 Amp C.T. connected 0.5-10 Amp direct
Power Consumption: < 0.2VA (AX1, AX3, ALS) < 1VA (AAS)
Working Range: 0-125% In (AX1, AX3, ALS) 10-125% In (AAS)
Rated Frequency: 50 / 60 / 400Hz
Frequency influence: 0.005% / Hz
Overload continuous: 4 x In
Overload for 1 sec. 50 x In
Rated value mA: 0-1 / 5 / 10 / 29mA (AX1, AX3, AAS)
Rated value mA: 4-20mA (ALS)
Rated value volts: Not available on (AAS)
Rated value volts: 1-5V (ALS)
Rated value volts: 0-5 / 10V (AX1, AX3)
Zero: No adjustment
Zero: ± 2% (ALS)
Span ± 10% (AX1, AX3, ALS)
A.C. Voltage 115 / 230 / 440V (± 25% / 45-65Hz / 2VA)
D.C. Voltage 24/48/110V (± 20% galvanically isolated /<3W).
Note: M100-AAS is self powered.
M100-AX1 Approx 0.4 kg. 55mm case
M100-AAS Approx 0.6 kg. 100mm case
M100-ALS, AX3 Approx 0.7 kg. 100mm case
Product Code Input In Output Aux Freq Options
M100-ALS 3 x 5A 0-20mA 115V 50Hz Cal 40ºC


1. Non standard inputs / outputs as far as technically viable
2. A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
3. Calibration at nominal Hz 35...450Hz
4. Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC